This section covers the basic information about the league, format of play, etiquette and team responsibilities. It is not comprehensive by any means. Teams should always contact league admins if they are unclear about any situation related to the league.

League Admins

Some sections below refer to the league admins. Whenever you read contact league admins, it means that you should contact (via email, phone or sms/mms) a particular person that will be announced in the email sent to all captains of registered teams prior to the league start.


The league will start on May 1st, 2016 and will last until October or November 2016 (depending on number of teams).

Who May Play

League is open to both men and women of all ages.


Players playing in the league must be organized in teams. Each player may play in maximum of 1 team in the league. Namely, after the first played match, the player may not play another match for a different team until the end of the season.

Each team must have at least 4 players. While this is the minimum, we recommend 5 players or more. There is no maximum to number of players per team.


Teams will be divided into two divisions. Division 1 for stronger teams and Division 2 for other teams. Teams can choose the division they wish to play in, however they should do it wisely. While being in a higher division may seem better, keep in mind that you enjoy the games best when playing against opponents of similar strength.

Schedule Of Play

Each team will play each other team in the division twice (one home and one away match). Home and away matches don't have much of a significance since teams don't have individual venues. All matches between teams from Victoria and remote teams (including Nanaimo, Comox, Campbell River, Cumberland etc.) will be played in Nanaimo since Victoria doesn't have a venue available to host league matches during the weekend and to finish reasonably early in the day allowing all players returning home safe before it gets dark.

Format Of Play

Each match between the two teams consist of 9 singles followed by 3 doubles.

Before the match starts, each team nominates 3 of their players for singles, each of which will play 3 games against 3 different players of the opposing team.

Players for doubles may be the same as for singles or different. Each player can play in maximum of 2 doubles, but always with a different partner.

All games are played in best of 5 sets, obeying the standard table tennis rules (that are not described here).

From the above it follows that each team needs at least 3 players for each match to be able to play all 12 games. However, in the case of emergency you can play the match with 2 players only, automatically losing 3 singles and 2 doubles. Team cannot play the match with only 1 player.

Schedule Of Matches

Schedule for all matches will be determined by league admins and posted prior to the start of the league.

Teams should commit to these dates since they will know them ahead of time.

It is however possible that with all team's effort, captains still can't get enough players for the match due to the illnesses or some kind of emergency. We recognize that this may happen, but teams should really try their best to avoid this.

For these situations, each team will have 1 wild card per season. This means that once per season, each team can pass in. However, the captain of such a team must give at least 24h notice to the other captain as well as the league admins. The notice must be sent by the end of the day previous to the match day, for example if the match is scheduled for May 2nd, the notice must be sent by the end of day May 1st. Teams will be given the new match date by the league admins that you have they have to commit to.

If the wild card is used for the match scheduled to play in Nanaimo, the team will be subjected to pay the drop-in fees even if they don't play. Please note that the venue is privately financed and the league matches significantly contribute to the budget.

Matches scheduled for play in Victoria may be rescheduled to other available date by team captains. Should this happen, one of the captains must send an email with the new date to the league admins at least 3 days before the scheduled date and must include the other captain in the cc field. If the other captain doesn't reply within the next 2 days, the new date is firm.

Matches will not be rescheduled in any other way. It is just not possible for league admins to handle team's individual requests.

Recording Results

During each match, 12 points in total are divided into the two participating teams.

Team gets 1 point for each game won in singles or doubles and 0 points for each game lost.

Result of each game is recorder in the match sheet form (available for download from clearly showing player names and won sets (individual points won in each set don't need to be recorded).

The match sheet form with 12 recorded games, names of both teams, date of play and signature of both team captains (or other team members if captains are not available) then needs be sent via email or MMS to the league admins.

Results of all received matches are posted on this website.


Introducing fees is always unpopular, but please note that significant portion of the expenses for running the website and maintaining league prizes were covered from our own pockets.

Thus, newly in this season, there will be a small $5 CAD registration fee per player per season. Captains of the teams are responsible of the fees and it must be paid before the player plays the first league match.

All other drop-in fees are extra.


Like the previous season, the winners of both divisions will get engraved their team- and player names on the trophies.